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Improving Your English

Do you want to learn English? Come to “codematix” in Jena and you will get the best English lessons in the whole world!

English vocabulary for business is taught by vocabulary lists, talking and playing games like TABOO. Learning by doing.

After about one week the participants will know each other very well because of talking to each other the whole day.
The final highlight of the course is always the excursion for example to the Planetarium in Jena. You can watch a magnificent show about our universe and learn something about the different planets, comets and constellations at our sky.
Last but not least, the English teachers are very nice people and no one has to be afraid of attending a course.
Does this sound good for you? Come to Jena and enjoy the experience!

What did like most about English course?

We learned a lot of new English vocabulary and even how to phrase memos, letters, reports, leaflets, notices, lists and articles. Let`s try an article!

Stefanie & Jessica from Leipzig


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