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The great final

At first it was only an idea but now a nice tradition to make a "sightseeing tour" through Jena for more than 10 years.

As usual we started with a delicious breakfast at the pub "Stilbruch".

Conny started our tour and guided us to the well-known "Graveyard Johannis". She informed us about the long history and showed us some examples of famous persons from Jena e.g. Carl Zeiss. We admired the nice renovated church "Friedenskirche".

Not far away is the second highlight "Botanical Garden". It was Nancy's part to inform us about the number and kind of plants and green houses.

The weather was perfect to enjoy the beauty of the garden.

Close to is the Planetarium, our next point. Kerstin was well-prepared and informed us about the world's most operated "Planetarium". This building has a growing tradition of inhouse "Planetarium Show Production" e.g. musical shows like "Tabaluga".

Peter was our guide for the "Stadtkirche St. Michael". At first he showed us one of the seven wonders of Jena the "Ara" (Altarunterführung). We could go inside and enjoyed the silence. We had to be quiet because the visitors wanted to pray and listen to the chimes. One visitor stressed that praying is helping.

Our last place befor lunch time was the City museum "Göhre" first mentioned 1307. We were standing at the historical market place and Jana was reporting about same facts regarding the house.

After that we deserved a lunch at the "Kartoffelhaus". There we had the spoilt for choice because of the wide range of meals. But everybody could find a suitable one.

We talked in a cosy atmosphere.

We thank codematix and our teachers, Pia and Nico, for the sophisticated course and the individual support.


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